Comment Policy

This is going to be pretty straight forward.


That’s what they say, anyway. And on most sites, unfortunately, it’s true. If I feel a deep hankering for a nasty taste in my mouth or churning acid in my gut, all I have to do is pop over to the nearest ANYTHING and blast my eyeholes with their comment sections. It’s pretty gross out there.

I hope to avoid the septic tank feeling here at The One With The Q.

To be clear:

You are allowed to comment whatever and whenever you wish.

I am allowed to moderate said comments and if I find that they are offensive, hurtful, or in any other way add to the septic tank syndrome (STS for short) that completely suffuses the interwebs, I will promptly dropkick your commentary into my chum bucket (where you will be eaten by sharks, Ahahahahaha. No, just kidding, that’s what I call my spam folder).

That is not to say that I won’t allow dissenting opinions, or even passionate commentary. By all means, disagree with me. Tell me of other viewpoints. Give me evidence of other possibilities.

But if you start to attack me or other commenters, or sling around bile and hate, into the chum bucket you go.

Your first amendment right is to speak out.

My first amendment right is to keep the spam sharks fed. Er, I mean, to shut out hurtful noise from this channel.

So keep that in mind when you comment. Be civil to your fellow humans (and the occasional android).



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