Be the Light in the Darkness

Time to back up a moment.

We’re all upset, disappointed, and scared.

But don’t give up on being American, or be ashamed of this country.

As vile a human being as Trump is, I will remain optimistic and hope he awakens to the awesome (biblically speaking) responsibility he’s inherited, and will start to take this job seriously.

Should he choose to remain exactly who he’s been (which is likely), I will not run away (to Canada, or Germany, or any other place for that matter).
I will stay and fight.
I will stand against hate and fear with love, compassion, and honesty, to make sure NONE of the people I care for, who currently don’t feel like they have a safe home in this nation full of those that have voted for hate against foreigners, hate against the LGBTQ community, hate against anyone with a different skin, a different language, or a different creed, ever again have to feel like they don’t belong or aren’t wanted.

I will fill the airwaves until they burst (to quote Reefer Madness).
I won’t stick my head in the sand and wait for this to blow over in four years. I won’t be quiet.
If I can’t find a way to help those that already create safe spaces for artists, the marginalized, and the reviled, I will have to create those spaces myself.
Our voices matter.
Listen to Barack Obama. The sun will continue to rise. This country has weathered storms in the past. One man’s message of fear and distrust will not bring it down.

I love you all. So much more than I can ever express.
Now get back to work. We’re going to be busy.


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