Why I’m voting for Hillary and not a Sentient Spray Tanned Mold that Grew a Mouth and Now Must Scream.

Hear me out, vast space of the interwebs.

First of all, cribbed my title from both Chuck Wendig (http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2016/11/07/im-voting-for-hillary-because-i-am-not-a-cannibalistic-humanoid-underground-dweller-nor-do-i-want-to-become-one/) and Sarah Benincasa (https://medium.com/@SaraJBenincasa/im-voting-for-the-democrat-in-november-because-i-m-not-a-human-tire-fire-4a3f48dff372#.f6tmt6jlq), who are much more eloquent than I and you should check them out.

But seriously. It’s election day. If you’re in the US, it’s all coming to a head today. I’ve felt it on every level. I can’t focus at work. I can’t get the words out. Everything in my brain has become clogged with anxiety.

Because I’m worried. As a female person, I’m worried. As a naturalized citizen, a kid who came to this country from elsewhere, whose first language wasn’t American, I’m worried. As a semi-Latina gal, I’m worried.

Trump (the sentient mold, for anyone paying attention) has done just about everything he can to firebomb his own candidacy and somehow remains competitive.

He brags about sexual assault. (Then turns around and claims it never happened.)

He boasts about not paying taxes. He can’t pat himself on the back enough when he says he won’t pay contractors, or will not pay debts owed to people, businesses, other nations.

His skin is so thin, it’s like someone attached hair triggers to every inch of him, set to explode if someone even looks at him funny.


I could go on, but this really isn’t about Trump.

I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils. I would have voted for Hillary, no matter who stood opposite her (but that’s academic).

Call me crazy, but running for President is applying for the most powerful job in this country, if not the world. I want someone who can prove to me that they’re capable, qualified, and strong enough to do it. Will she be the best president ever? Meh, who knows. Is she capable, qualified, and strong? You bet your sweet, sweet butt she is. Over thirty years of experience, eight years in the White House, and more?

Qualifications met.

Seeing her handle the relentless insults, seeing her buck off attempt after attempt to derail and delegitimize her, seeing how she takes the high road, again and again. She’s not just strong, she’s made of steel. Diamonds, even. Formed by years of geological amounts of pressure, shaped by constant buffeting and heat. She’s got the stamina, all right.

She’s pro science. I have a PhD in a heavily scientific field. That shit matters. The fact that it’s even note-worthy that she’s pro science is absolutely ridiculous, but there you have it. She believes in and acts according to facts and evidence even when it isn’t the emotionally popular choice.

For crying out loud, even the things people harangue her for, her crimes?

Turns out, no crime has been committed.

E-mails? Unfortunate. Perhaps a bit lazy. I myself would have probably done the same thing in her position, because convenience in a high-stress job is like crack cocaine.

Benghazi? I’m sorry, I know she’s powerful, but why anyone for even one second thinks that those deaths were her call and her call alone, is baffling. She wasn’t president. She certainly wasn’t the one with her finger on the trigger. Even if she made the decision, you really think an entire room full of people, including the president, sat by and let people die even though they disagreed with her? Un-fucking-likely.

So yeah, I’m legitimately excited for her. I think she’ll make history. Not just because she’s female. But because she has the intelligence, the integrity, and the will to be great.

Trump on the other hand? I said this wasn’t about him, but let me just list a couple things that I have to make clear before I go home and leave you alone:

Trump is a less-than-successful business man whose idea of making money roughly equals to taking it away from everyone else.

Trump is a less-than-successful orator whose logic can be seen through by 8-year-olds (and frequently is). He exhibits, again and again, a lack of understanding of how politics work, how economics work, how science, works, how immigration works, how war works, how the female body works.

Note that I didn’t say I disagree with his stance on these topics. There’s nothing to disagree with. His premise is flawed, so any argument he makes afterward is, at best, false, and at worst, criminally ignorant and dangerous.

He doesn’t understand how the market works. As evidenced by his string of failed endeavors and businesses and the endless amounts of lawsuits he has to settle to keep himself afloat.

He doesn’t understand how pregnancy and abortion work. No one rips out anything from anywhere days before delivery. It just doesn’t happen, and would be highly illegal and punishable if it did. So saying that it’s awful (yes) and that he’s going to stop it (no?) are pointless things to say.

He doesn’t understand how audio and video recordings of him work. Because half the time he says something didn’t happen, it’s his own face and voice that refute him. The media doesn’t put words in his mouth. They just echo them back at him.

He claims that the best thing about him is that he isn’t a politician. That, really, he’s just like you and me. Which would be true, except for the fact that he’s NOTHING like you and me. Trump says he’s against the establishment, but he’s VERY MUCH the establishment. He is the 1% of the 1%. Remember those guys that we all banded together to hate just a few years ago?

Trump is not for the people, by the people, and certainly not of the people. He’s for, by, and of Trump, first and foremost. And anyone else better get in line. Because it’s Trump, all the way down.

A man who is so obsessed with his own greatness and inability to be wrong, ever, about anything, cannot handle the awesome (in the biblical sense) responsibility of running this country, and by association, most of the world.


So. Yeah. I’m voting HRC.

I sincerely cannot fathom why anyone would do otherwise.


Then again, I know I haven’t changed anyone’s mind. And you certainly won’t change mine. This was really just an exercise in venting at myself, for myself, in this empty echo chamber that is this blog.

The true joy in my heart right now is that after tonight, this insanity will finally be put to rest. Hopefully, I’ll be able to reconnect with the friends I thought I’ve lost to this election, and things will return to normal.

I love all of you, even if it hasn’t felt that way, recently. Voting for Trump doesn’t make you dumb, or evil, or anything else. Misinformed, maybe. Angry at the wrong people, probably.

Let’s come together and move forward as a nation.

We’re already great. Let’s keep it that way.


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