Guys, it happened!

Good morning, internet.

I say “guys” but really, I’m just excited to shout at my own reflection in the window.

What’s the news?

I’ve been officially published. For the first time. For, like, actual money. Enough to probably buy two whole cups of coffee. 



I’m one of the contributing poets in the Horror Writer Association’s 2015 Poetry Showcase Volume II, edited by the esteemed Peter Salomon.

My poem is called Tragic Storm, published under my maiden name, Laura Quirola.

You can find the Goodreads page for it here.

Did I mention that I’m so excited I could just run around flailing my arms in a wildly inappropriate fashion? But then I remember it’s freezing outside, so I just sit here quietly and smile like a manic raccoon instead.

Now please excuse me while I go spend my mad author dough on caffeine-fueled happiness.


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