Welcome to this here Bloggery

I will be your guide.

This is really just a test site. I’m trying to figure this whole wordpress thing and experiment a bit.

Test, Test. One Two.

This is what Italics look like.

Bold words, yay. Without being italicized.

Oh, and the formatting disappears if I hit enter. Interesting.

I can strike through stuff.

  • and create bulleted lists
  1. Or numbered ones.

I can create a horizontal line to separate things.

This is left justified.

This is center justified.

And right justified.

I just inserted a read more tag. Does that mean that on the home page, stuff will be displayed until that point and no further?

Is this visible from the home page? No?

This is a big Heading.

This is a sub-heading.

And the next level below that.

I can change text color. Neat.

And indent text. But not with the tab button. Boo.

And decrease indent with another button click.

Let’s try this again. What happens if I write sentences or paragraphs that are super super long. Will it stay indented or will it go back to the beginning of the line. Apparently it stays indented. Good to know.

House in the woods

I can add pictures. Cool! And make it so the text aligns next to it. Super neat.

Anybody out there?


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