Who is Laura J. Quinn?

Laura J. Quinn is a young scientist, freelance author and editor, and mother living in the Sunshine State. Because her real last name is considered by most people to be hideously unpronounceable, she’s long thought of herself as “The One With The Q.”

She has had a few poems published when she was a teen and is trying to get her grubby mitts into other markets, including short stories, novels, screenwriting, and game writing.

Though she has her laboratory job by day, she will gladly edit work on a freelance basis, both for content and copy.

She will primarily use this site to blog about topics dear to her heart, including her job, her writing and editing career, motherhood, and various other nonsense that pops into her head from time to time (aka ALL the time).

She will occasionally use this space to share updates on projects as they become available. Heck, there may even be the occasional free story in it for you.

She will also ask for work and recommendations every once in a while.

This blog will at times be NSFW. Perhaps even NSFL. Mostly because Laura has a seriously dirty mouth, and a mental filter in need of replacing.

She may be reached at TheOneWithTheQ [at] gmail [dot] com.